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Hello Darning Needle!

5 Sep

After searching for some time, I finally found my darning needle! It was tucked away somewhere safe, fortunately, but next time, I think I’ll put it somewhere more obvious…

Anyway, the discovery of the darning needle has meant that I could finish off my first hat for the Innocent Big Knit 2013! Here it is:

Innocent Big Knit Hat #1

I wanted to make it pastel pink and black to match the blog’s theme, but I didn’t have any black wool, so I settled for dark brown instead. I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out, though.

To get more information about Innocent’s Big Knit 2013 for Age UK, click here.
And if you’re looking for some more inspiration for this year’s project, take a look at In It To Kawaiify It, where Jordan is also taking part!

Happy knitting,


Send In The Sniffer Dogs!

4 Sep

I was delighted to have finished knitting my first hat for the Innocent Big Knit 2013 yesterday, so was eager to get it seamed and attach the bobble. It was knitted flat to be seamed (agh!) up the side once knitted. I have a strong dislike of seaming because I’m bad at it, so it often makes me angry, but I was feeling optimistic about it. I got the wool and scissors ready, and then suddenly realised that I didn’t have my darning needle. And that I couldn’t remember where I’d put it away back in February. That ‘safe and tucked away’ place I had in mind when clearing up has turned out to be slightly too tucked away…

The timing couldn’t be worse, but I guess that’s just how some things turn out.

I’ll keep you posted,