15 Sep

Sorry for the delay in posts. There’s been a bit of a problem with the yarn delivery, and Mr Teddy is in bit and pieces.
But hey, I’m still here.



A Quick Update

11 Sep

Time goes so slowly when you’re waiting to yarn to arrive in the post! In the meantime, I’ve started a pattern for a beginner’s teddy bear, which was so adorable, I went out and bought Let’s Knit magazine especially for that pattern, after seeing it on Atelier Oursonne. It turns out that there are many other really nice patterns in there, so I’ve added a few more to my mental ‘to knit’ list. I will post photos of my half-completed teddy bear tomorrow, as the pieces which I’ve knitted haven’t yet seen the sewing needle.

Happy knitting,

Mustard Scarf Project

6 Sep

I really wanted to knit something this year which is functional, as well as pretty. In winter, I wear a lot of scarves, all of which are shop-bought, so the solution was pretty obvious – I’ll knit a scarf! I’ve never knitted one before, but I’m sure I can manage a ribbed scarf (I’m going for the low-stress option). So today, I ordered some King Cole Super Chunky Gypsy Mustard yarn, which, judging from the online photos, looks very pretty and definitely has an autumn feel to it.

I’m really looking forward to making and wearing it. Now I just have to wait for my yarn order to arrive…

Enjoy your weekend,

Hello Darning Needle!

5 Sep

After searching for some time, I finally found my darning needle! It was tucked away somewhere safe, fortunately, but next time, I think I’ll put it somewhere more obvious…

Anyway, the discovery of the darning needle has meant that I could finish off my first hat for the Innocent Big Knit 2013! Here it is:

Innocent Big Knit Hat #1

I wanted to make it pastel pink and black to match the blog’s theme, but I didn’t have any black wool, so I settled for dark brown instead. I’m still pretty pleased with how it turned out, though.

To get more information about Innocent’s Big Knit 2013 for Age UK, click here.
And if you’re looking for some more inspiration for this year’s project, take a look at In It To Kawaiify It, where Jordan is also taking part!

Happy knitting,

Send In The Sniffer Dogs!

4 Sep

I was delighted to have finished knitting my first hat for the Innocent Big Knit 2013 yesterday, so was eager to get it seamed and attach the bobble. It was knitted flat to be seamed (agh!) up the side once knitted. I have a strong dislike of seaming because I’m bad at it, so it often makes me angry, but I was feeling optimistic about it. I got the wool and scissors ready, and then suddenly realised that I didn’t have my darning needle. And that I couldn’t remember where I’d put it away back in February. That ‘safe and tucked away’ place I had in mind when clearing up has turned out to be slightly too tucked away…

The timing couldn’t be worse, but I guess that’s just how some things turn out.

I’ll keep you posted,

Innocent Big Knit 2013 For Age UK

2 Sep

Innocent’s Big Knit 2013 has begun! I’ve been looking forward to it for a year now, after realising that the hats on the Innocent smoothie bottles are send in by fellow home-knitters. 25p per ‘hat bottle’ sold goes to Age UK, a charity which helps the older generation. This particular project aims to raise fund for winter help schemes, such as lunch clubs and home visits. The deadline for sending in hats is the 1st of October, so I’ve got a month to make as many as I can. My target is 5, because I’m back at school this month, but hopefully I’ll find the time to exceed my goal.

If you haven’t yet seen the Innocent Big Knit, I suggest that you have a look because the money raised is put towards a good cause, and because it’s an excuse to knit some pretty cool mini hats. If you’re interested in joining in, more information can be found on Innocent’s website, here:

I’ll keep you updated with this project over September. Let me know if you’re taking part as well, and I’ll link to your blog/site in a future post!

Happy knitting,

TGM Returns For Autumn 2013!

1 Sep

Hello again everyone!
Now that Summer is over, the knitting needles have returned to my hands in anticipation of the forthcoming colder months. As a result of this, The Giraffe’s Moustache is back up and running. Exciting new content is on its way, so keep watching!

See you soon,